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Traditional Art
Sollux by uhnevermind
Samus Aran by uhnevermind
Poke-Grumps by uhnevermind
I'll draw humans, ponies, pretty much any animal/anthro.
Either In my normal style, or in a more chibi style.
Please keep it to one or two characters.
Digital Art
Sollux!! by uhnevermind
Pinkie Pie the Easter Pony by uhnevermind
Deadpool! by uhnevermind
I'll draw humans, ponies, pretty much any animal/anthro.
Either In my normal style, or in a more chibi style.
Please keep it to one or two characters.
Drawn digitally.
Commissions w/ Shading
Brofist! Title Card by uhnevermind
Bulbasaur I guess by uhnevermind
Ninja Sex Party! by uhnevermind
Digitally drawn.
1 to 2 characters, please.
Otherwise send me a note.
Commissions w/ Background
Day 4 - Yoshi by uhnevermind
The Doctor and Blossomforth by uhnevermind
Digitally or traditionally drawn.
1 to 2 characters, please.
Otherwise send me a note.
Commissions w/ Background and Shading
MLP OC - Aster Alpine by uhnevermind
Self-explanatory. Digital only.




I was looking around for more memes to do, and this one really stands out to me, being a kinky whore. :meow:
Sorry I haven't been online much lately, but I've been super anxious about posting here. So I'm gonna try to combat it by getting into some personal biz here. I've opened up sexually a ridiculous amount since I got with my boyfriend, and I actually feel comfortable talking about it without fear of being privately shamed.
Regardless, meme time! :heart:
And final warning, this meme is pretty NSFW, so if you're really young or just don't want to read it, I definitely won't make you.
But seriously, this shit is gonna get steamy.
Go ahead and kink shame the hell out of me if you don't wanna listen though. =P

Fat - I really like chubby people(even more than skinnier people), but really overweight people are a turn off for me. o:
Inflation - nooo bodies were not meant to be big rubber balls
Muscle - ah man I fucking love muscles, as long as they're not a bodybuilder or something. I'm a hardcore sub(as you're about to find out), so muscles are fantastic
Feet - ehh kind of. dude feet are usually gnarly, but a lot of girls have cute feet. I've also given a footjob before, and it's pretty thrilling, even if it does feel really clumsy. =P
Belly - (Apparently this is just attraction to stomachs?) Bellies are cute I guess? The word "tummy" is pretty gross though
Female Pregnancy - nooope
Male Pregnancy - that's like a triple nope
Transformation - nah
Vore - god no
Diapers - I would rather die than sit in a paper shit-pouch
Macro - nah
Micro - also nah
Hyper - nah man nah
Bondage - oh HELL YEAH, now we're talking! I'm super into BDSM! I love being tied up, and blindfolded and all that. ;P
Spanking - Yup! Super into being spanked
Shaving - (I'm assuming this means completely shaven skin and not the act of shaving) Super soft, smooth skin is a pretty big turn on for me, but so are fairly hairy bodies.
Eye Patch Penetration - NO THANK YOU
Homosexual - not really, actually. gay porn has never been that great for me, because I've always leaned more towards women
Lesbian - surprisingly I don't really like lesbian porn either, because I'm also a huge fan of dick
Heterosexual - this is much more my thing, because I love women and dicks and vaginas and men. In that order.
Bisexual - Same as the above, for the same reason, but more. Especially in the cases of bisexual threesomes. I'm also including trans/trap/whatever arbitrary label in this category, which I'm a gigantic fan of!
Sadism - god no, I'd never want to hurt anyone! I'm also a hardcore sub, and in most cases I actually feel uncomfortable being a dom. But if I legitimately hurt someone I would probably cry about it, because I'm a pussy
Masochism - this might seem hypocritical, but I do really enjoy pain, especially in increments. It also depends on the type of pain obviously, but things like spanking, slapping, choking, etc. really turn me on. Probably some deeper emotional stuff going on, but whatever, I like it
Casts/Injuries - nooope, other people being hurt is not sexy
Scat - fucking shit man (no)
Urination- I've experimented on my own, but also no
Sick- nope nope nope
Licking- depends on the mood and place the licking is taking place, I can either love it or hate it
Biting- I LOVE biting. I love being bitten.
Humiliation - Fucking yes, being humiliated is really fun for me. Especially combined with a daddy kink. None of that whacko "sleep on the floor, sit in a cage" kind of humiliation though, that shit would be uncomfortable as all hell. I do love some sexual shit-talk though
Mustaches - no pedo-staches please
Paunches - no
Tentacles - maybe? I dunno, there's no real life equivalent short of fucking a live octopus, and that's gross as heck yo
Technophilia - I don't want to fuck my laptop, sorry laptop
Rule 63 - sure I guess, if it was real I'd totally go for it
Incest/Twincest - no thanks, unless it's purely fictional
Socks - socks are pretty cute, the higher the better.
Sneezing - ew no
Fatty Upper Pubic Area - like, a muffin top? yes if that's what that means, but honestly I don't know
Hypnotize - nope
Underwear - yes, I don't need to explain this one
Rape - again, only if it's purely fictional. I am into rape fantasies, but obviously the actual act is horrible, and a crime for good reason.
Companionship - I can't even find a good search result that tells me what this means
Tickle - nope, tickling is fun and all, but not sexual
Boys - yeah?
Girls - wtf is this I'm bisexual
Body Paint - no, but I do like body writing
Sinking - I didn't even know this was a thing. nope.
Tongues - not immediately sexual? I like kissing and licking and oral sex though I guess
Expanding Boobage - nah I'm good
Leather - fuck you it's like 90 degrees (nah)
Shoes - if they're clean, why not?
Shoe loss - oooh this is like a foot-fetish specific version of the undressing fetish. sure?
Suit and tie - this would also work with a daddy kink
Masculine girls- yup
Mind control - did we not already cover this? no
Uniform - yes please
Bestiality - yupper pupper (disclaimer: no, I would not fuck/get fucked by an animal)
Orgy - eh I'm pretty awkward, I think four people would be my limit
Glasses - super hot, but I empathize with the lack of vision
Smoking - I hate smoke
Multiple body parts - no way jose
Partial Nudity - oh yeah
Full nudity - weirdly, not as much as partial nudity
Gore - this and scat are probably the only instant turn-offs I have.
Dd/lg - I had to look this one up, but yeah, moderately. Exclusively in a sexual setting though
Petplay - oh man you don't even know, I have a collar and a leash and everything. I don't even know when it started, but it somehow evolved into my pet name(relationship-wise not petplay-wise) being "puppy". my bf calls me puppy in public in front of all our friends and everything, and they have no idea

I hope everyone who started reading this made it this far, you guys are great
also it doesn't really fit in anywhere here, but I'd just like to say I've seen both my male friends' dicks
I love you all! :heart:
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  • Playing: Starbound
  • Eating: banana chips
  • Drinking: water


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I'm 19, I'm a girl, and I'm bisexual.

Also, since I don't have a custom thingy, here's my favorite people okay:

Friends or whatever I guess?

And other amazing people that I've more or less lost contact with:

And then people I don't know but I look up to like a ton:

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